The only flowers we see on this vernal equinox are the ones we gathered at the bustling indoor farmer’s market. This morning was decidedly gray, but the snow has almost all melted and the birds are filling the air with dancing and song. By noon, we were outside at a playground, basking in the relative warmth. I stretched, I swung, I lifted my face to the sun and saw the light dancing on my eyelids.

Though I am not so sure that the length of ours days and nights are equal at this moment, in this place, I am thinking about balance in life and self. There is no better time, with new life ready to burst from the ground, to purge the weary aspects of work and life. To embrace new experiences and resolve to be just a little more purposeful, a little more kind to ourselves and gentle with each other.  For me, this means making time for a little mani/pedi action with my girl today and to visit a new yoga studio tomorrow morning. These are such small things when written down, but feel big when lived and carried throughout our days. Balance is what I will strive for in the coming year, more than I ever have before, and I wish it for you, too.