Handmade Holidays: Easter

Something about the hands-on craftiness of dying eggs always seems to set the tone of Easter for my family. Here’s a glimpse into our handmade holiday fun, starting with passing on an Easter basket style from my childhood.

My childhood Easter basket
My childhood Easter basket

My grandmother gifted wooden Easter baskets to me and my siblings sometime in the late 80s, after my baby sister was born. Each one was unique, hand painted at a local gift shop in south Mississippi, with a color scheme for each of us and our names painted on the side. Each year, we woke on Easter to find them filled with goodies and then used them for hunting eggs. They became part of our Easter traditions – as meaningful as our childhood Christmas stockings. I’ve noticed that it is not always the case that people keep baskets and stockings from year to year, but instead use disposable ones. However, because mine meant so much to me and I enjoy not only the tradition of the durable basket, but the lack of consumerism and waste associated with flimsy temporary ones, I set out a few years ago to make similar ones for my husband and first daughter.

My oldest daughter's basket.
My oldest daughter’s basket.

I am no artist, but I tried to copy the image on my basket, adjusting to make hers unique.

My husband's basket.
My husband’s basket.

For my husband, I copied the image on my brother’s basket, again making adjustments in color and other details to make it unique.

Yes, I have another daughter now – she used mine this year, but by next year I will have to drag out the paint brush again!

For the rest of our Easter decorating, we turned to a bit of paper and drawing. My five year old contributed eggs to hang around the house and I drew a little sign to tape on our dining room window.

Egg art2

Egg art

Then, I made my own version of TinkerLab’s Origami Rabbits, using plain white paper and crayons to put in their baskets, one for my blue-eyed girl and one for my brown-eyed girl!

oragami rabbits

photo (3)

How do you make simple, meaningful holiday traditions?

2 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays: Easter

  1. Beautiful! We don’t do Easter (my husband’s Jewish), but our favorite Hanukkah tradition is home-made present night. We also pass the time on Christmas with Chinese food and three standard movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, and a Christmas Story (the one with the BB gun). And a favorite mothers’ or fathers’ day request to the kids is for a day free of sibling fights!!!

    1. That’s great! We love A Christmas Story – and handmade gifts are a must. For a while I tried to make all my Christmas gifts, but it started to feel like work, which just ruins it for me. So, I try to focus now on doing less and keeping the holidays as simple as possible. And if there’s no fighting, it’s a total win:-)

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